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Our most common questions are answered below, or call us 843.299.1183

1. Question: What is Hydrographics?

Hydrographics is a unique water transfer printing process that can be used on almost any material including metals, plastics, glass, hardwoods and much more. Also known as immersion printing, water transfer printing, water transfer imaging, or cubic printing, is a method of applying printed designs to three-dimensional surfaces.

2. Question: How durable is the finish, does it fade over time?

Extremely durable! It is the same process used by major manufacturers in the outdoor and automotive industry. Here at Outlaw Hydrographics we use all highgrade materials to ensure the best quality printing. All of the items are coated using an automotive urethane clear coat after being dipped. This provides long lasting durability as well as UV protection. The finish is as durable as your automotive paint finish, and will not fade over time!

3. Question: Do you include a warranty with your work?

Outlaw Hyfrographics provides a 1 year FREE warranty to our customers against workmanship or material defects.

4. Question: What if there is already a finish on my part/product?

We use several different methods for prepping parts/products prior to dipping. Some items may require bead/sand blasting while others may require light sanding or scuffing. We will work with you to determine what will be the best method for your particular piece, and let you know exactly what to expect.

5. Question: Do you have your Federal Firearms License?

Yes we do! So we can dip any type of firearm that you desire, also our professional staff has been trained and is licensed in the Hydrographic field.

6. Question: Do I need to clean and disassemble my parts before submitting them to you?

All parts do need to be disassembled and cleaned prior to dipping. Uncleaned parts will be subject to additional charges. Therefore, all firearms or bows need to be disassembled prior to delivery. Please only give us the parts you want dipped so we can stylize these to your specifications.

7. Question: Can you color match paint to make it the color I want?

We use the PPG paint matching system that allows us to custom match any automotive paint code. Just give us the code and we can get a perfect match for the parts of your vehicle you would like to have dipped.

8. Question: How long will it take for me to get my parts/products back?

Our project completion time on most parts is 1 to 2 weeks – based on the product. If you need any special requests to a project please contact us to learn more.

9. Question: How should I care for my parts/products after the process?

Your parts after they are dipped are now protected with a automotive clear coat. These newly stylized parts or products can be easily wiped down with an automotive quick detailer or mild soap and water. 

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