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Hydrographics About Us

About Outlaw Hydrographics and the Process

Outlaw Hydrographics specializes in the process known as immersion printing, water transfer printing, hydro printing, camouflage dipping, or hydro-dip printing. In other words, it’s like designing a custom paint job for just about any three-dimensional object. Our business is located in Murrells Inlet, SC since November of 2013, and we have had great success in already completing over 1,000 quality hydrographic design projects. Outlaw Hydrographics prides itself on working directly with our customers to create a finished product that will meet and exceed your expectations! We have hundreds of patterns for you to choose from and if we do not have what you want we will get it for you. Here at Outlaw Hydrographics we look forward to working with you on customizing your design through our unique dipping process providing you a durable, high-quality, and stylish finished product.

The Water-Ink Transfer Process:

The process begins with a pattern that you have chosen to be printed on your desired product. This pattern is a water-soluble vinyl film. The film is cut according to the size of the part to be dipped with the pattern. Then it is laid on top of clean water in our large stainless steel tank, this tank is specially designed for water transfer printing. A chemical activator is sprayed on top of the vinyl film which turns the film from a solid to a liquid ink pattern, that is floating evenly on the water. At this point your product is ready to be "dipped" into the solution. The water being displaced by dipping the product into the solution causes the pattern to efficiently wrap around adhering effectively. This provides a bonding base coat of the pattern to your product creating a consistent, high-quality finish. After removing the piece from the water your product is then finished by applying an automotive grade clear-coat.

Dipping into film

Product covered 360 degrees

Film fully applied

Before and After Pictures!

Thanks again for your interest in Outlaw Hydrographics! We hope to see you soon in our store, and if you have any questions call us today at 843.299.1183 or click here to send us an email.

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